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“Debit Wacky Schmutz: Portrait of Serial Career Politician”
“SOSialism: Kingdom of Serfdom”
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“Congratulations” America!

We spent more than $2 billion and we’re so lucky to buy the same old second-hand merchandise.

Mr. Obama remains a broken compass, where the arrow is stuck only in one direction, toward SOSialist future.

In time of free election America elected slavery.

Despite most of the political pundits’ belief that now Mr. Obama will be more flexible, compassionate and logical it is only childish, naive wishful thinking.

As a matter of fact, Katzstradamus expects, in the near future, that our president will disregard the power of Congress and implant a strict presidential ruling instead of collective governing. Thirty-six czars appointed personally by the President will take charge over governing.

Our freedom and traditions will be under siege.

Lady Liberty will be repeatedly raped.

The First and Second Amendments of our Constitution will be under brutal attack from the government.

Our money printing press will be working nonstop. As a result, we will have double-digit inflation and recession.

The most vulnerable part of our population, retired senior citizens, will be deprived from their savings and also from high-quality healthcare.

We will eat what we cooked. People expect from government a generous hand-over but will get only hangover.

Bye-bye liberty. Bye-bye bravery. Hello slavery.

As Benjamin Franklin warned, those who would trade liberty for security will get neither.

America, be careful.
If you lose the face of freedom
you will find yourself in a muzzle.

I run from country of SOSialism to country of Exceptionalism.

If SOSialism will come to America, I will sell my books, will buy a rocket, and fly to God to ask him for political asylum.

I think it will be not so difficult considering I am only 77 years young.

But because I am concerned about the future of our children and grandchildren, I will postpone my flight to heaven.

Enjoy this paraphrase of a thought from the great patriot Antoine de Saint Exupery:

If you love somebody you are responsible for them.
If you love your garden and you notice weeds growing up
and attempting to destroy the beautiful flowers on your land,
fight the grass; save your flowers,
children, thankfully will enjoy the beautiful garden.

So Ilya Katz, Doctor of Common Sense, decided to donate his golden years 
to fight for freedom. 

I am offering any groups my presentation:  

“Moment of Sad Truth. 

Is the United States Becoming  Socialist Nation?”

Survivor of Siberian Labor Camp Compares USSR& USSA.

I also will be happy to bring my ten new recently published books 
for book signing.  

My e-mail address is  

If you will invite me I am ready to travel
and offer enlightenment 
in the form of entertainment. 


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My Dear Friends,

For the first time I have started to read all of your comments. I greatly appreciate your opinion and I am asking you for a great favor. Would you please select a couple of your favorite cartoons or aphorisms from my site and and send it to different conservative blogs and organizations? I would appreciate if you will leave a link to my site. I have worked very hard all these years, and I want America to listen to my voice. I am not Nostradamus, just Katzstradamus, but I have the capability not only to see but also forsee. Because, according to my age, I will see God before all of you I promise I will give to the Lord, the best references about my friends. With your help I will continue to clean the Augean Stables of our political life.God Bless America! God Bless people with good hearts!
Ilya Katz, Doctor of Common Sense
My e-mail:

For additional information go to

“Fundamental Transformation
is Distraction for our Nation.”

God Save America…
From Ourselves

my brothers[and sisters],
were called to be free.

-Galathians 5:13


Stand against the devil,
and the devil will run from you.

-James 4:7

When a large chunk of the country
screams “Hooray!”
I try to find the strength to whisper “Help!”

A satirist tries
to awaken common sense among public
and conscience among politicians.

A satirist is a representative
of anti-governmental coalition
under the name “People.”

Satirical sharpshooting
is the effective way to be heard.

I prefer to criticize our Motherland,
to bare wounds,
to put them the salt of sarcasm,
but not to deceive.

I pledge to fight for our country
up to the last satirical bullet.

                                                                                        -Ilya Katz, Doctor of Common Sense.

People mostly are no ready for death, they fear it;
heroes are those who can stand up to the danger;
but the real hero is the one who sometimes fights
and wins what seems to be a hopeless battle;
let’s remember  the September 11th tragedy, three young bastards took over airplanes;
people failed to stand up to them because of the way they were raised;
they were always told not to be a hero, not to get involved,
call the police to deal with the situation, everyone was worried about their own life,
no one attacked the terrorists;
what would their predecessors do?
They would jump the terrorists and rip their balls off;
that’s why our predecessors created magnificent civilization
and we are flushing it down the toilet;
one needs to learn to step forward, to overcome fear, to maybe even die for the right cause.

Government propaganda turns individuals into the herd;
people still repeat like a prayer JFK’s phrase:
“Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”
I think Kennedy’s speechwriter found that expression
somewhere on a front page of a Soviet paper;
it sounded very Soviet; there was even a Soviet song with the same words in it:
“Think first about your country and then about yourself.”
America is a country of individualists;
everyone who was ever unhappy with regime,
religion or treatment came to America to build his life the way he wanted;
this immense collective individualism made America
an unique country and contributed its success.

America is built to work from individual to common and not the other way around;
America wasn’t granted success by a king or a president;
it was built from small individual successes;
from successes of small people whose first concern
was the well-being of their families and friends;
because if a little cell of the society we call it family is happy,
the whole country that consists of millions of these cells will be happy;
individual success contributes to the success of the whole country;
that’s what makes America different.

That’s why if people start to betray the national concept of success,
they start to change the national way of thinking;
if we keep acting like a herd and looking for somebody to decide for us,
we will end up in a slaughter house.

Our high morality and traditions are serving a different law now;
our political acrobats can turn any law upside down.
It is the essence of “fundamental transformation.”
The Obamists will try hard to force into the herd of the public
the completely absurd thought
that “Motherland” and “Government” are synonymous.
“Motherland” is a mother who gave us birth, and “the Government” is the vehicle,
that hardly moves in the same direction as the public interest.
All dictators of all people and times make this error:
They confuse the concept of “state” with that of “homeland.”
They also want us to make the same mistake.

Socialist obamist ideology reflects social processes
where responsibility for one’s own decisions
is substituted by following the herd leader;
government tells us what to do; what to learn at school, including gay achievement history; little girls learn to breastfeed; children are chanting Obama’s name
and demand for infrastructure; government tells us what to eat and what to drink;
how to behave; what is good and what is bad, where and when they will permit us to pray,
and how and where is the limit to our patriotic expression…

History knows examples of countries being split in half,
one half wear the prisoners’ uniform
and another half enjoy the uniforms of the guards.

Do you remember Germany’s anthem at the time of the Nazis? “Germany above all;”
forget about yourself and your family, your country will take care of your family;
same happened in Soviet Union, Mussolini’s Italy, Castro’s Cuba; Hitler’s Germany;
Chavez’ Venezuela; Mao Tse-Tung’s China, etc.
They all operated on pretenses of love to the Motherland.

“We communists are like the seed, and the people are like the soil.
Wherever we go we must unite with the people,
take roots and blossom among them.”
–Mao Tse-Tung

“The people united will never be defeated”
– Benito Mussolini
Of course, people must unite around their douche.

“The right to individual freedom has to retreat
before the responsibility of preserving the nation.”
– Adolf Hitler

“There are times where national interest is more important that the law.”
– Henry A. Kissinger

One of this quotations is capable to diminish all our respect of these bright men.
Our founding fathers
stayed on ground of freedom of individual,
where the abuse of one person is the disgrace to the whole nation.

If it is given a choice between demagogue and pragmatic politician,
people will always follow demagogue, he appeals to their very souls; their instincts.

People can make decisions on three grounds:
philosophical, life experience and primitive instincts.
People listening to Obama with open mouth not because they were so fond of his speeches,
but because they expect he will put something in their mouths.
Sure, they will get their hotdog,
but they will eat it staying on their knees.

Obama calls robbery a distribution, obamism is a dead end with a view of a bright future.
If obamism will win over our country,
I will sell my books and buy a rocket to fly to God and ask for the asylum.

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Last news
specially for abused
addiction – unlawful inquisition.

Chief of mischief – ROBerts.

infusion to Roberts
from Barack. 

Who is running to a cliff,
will never lose his way.

Reading could be harmful
for the psychological health. 

Particularly  if you swallow couple thousand pages
of Obama ‘s medical law.

If judge the uncivil
he will serve the evil.

The Satirist -General of Common Sense warns:
“Soon the government health care system
will be very dangerous to the health
of the people, and life in America
will be dangerous to our lives.”

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Politicians like to repeat “At the end of the day…”
I know that at the end of the day there will be night.
But I’m Katz and cats can see at night.
Therefore, listen to me. 

Beware of a satirist. He says what he thinks.

The best political speech is the one that can fit into a twitter.

Truth can walk naked,
while lie always needs decorations.

Obama cannot generate anything except impression.

Very often all the words of the president
are taken literally,
but should be instead be understood
with an element of humor.

The most harmful lie is
truthful covered by search of ideal…
it’s a rule, a characteristic
of our political life.

“Don’t worry, be happy.”

Speeches of Obama are somewhat similar
of fishing and hunting stories.

The tongue of the smart one is in the heart,
the heart of the stupid one is on the tongue,
and of the liar’s tongue is in the ass.

The shorter politician’s mind, the longer his tongue.

If people listen to the president with the open mouth
it doesn’t mean he is Cicero.
They are simply for him to put something in their mouth.


It is one thing to cackle,
but quite another to lay eggs
and hatch a chicken.

When cheese becomes more expensive,
mousetraps fill up with promises.

When black is presented as white,
sometimes it all appears as grey…
and worse, sometimes it all turns to red.

What do our current problems matter
when there is a bright socialistic future ahead?

The largest number of mirages exists
in the desert of the mind.

The president heads up
a powerful team…
of brainwashed impotents.

Our President tried to sell us on
the pristine quality of his views.
they are not very fresh,
and who will trust a dealer
with secondhand goods?

Selling secondhand merchandise
as new is possible
only through cheating.

Mr. Obama, even the best mistakes
do no need to be repeated.

America, be careful.
If you lose the face of freedom,
you will find yourself in a muzzle.

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If, under the current health care system,
there is a shortage of funds,under the new system
there will be a shortage of care.

Shut your mouth
and scream as hard as you can! 

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The most horrible result
of socialized medicine
is the creation of a culture
of beggars and order-takers.

Giving up free choice and related responsibility
will destroy the foundation of America
and make our Founding Fathers
turn over their graves.

The Surgeon General of common sense warns,
“Soon the government health care system
will be dangerous to the health of the people,
and life in America will be
dangerous to our lives.”

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Socialist universal health care idea
is a theory of probability applied to society.
As a result, soon our national anthem
will sound like song:
“So long liberty, so long bravery, hello slavery…”
and the address of the world-famous
collective farm will be slaughter house
of the Soviet Union of America. 

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Health Scare Law


The law concerning socialized medicine
is one of the cruelest laws
concerning a good thing. 



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You can’t buy health,
but humor can cure.

Socialized medicine remains
an enhanced technique of discrimination
against the elderly.
It is close to the final solution
of aging problems. 

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Sandra Flucke enjoys her F….
Why Taxpayer Schmuck
have to pay for Sandra’s F…

Why don’t award our leftist with free condoms
to stop their propagation?

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